Child Counseling

As parents, we learn to understand our children through both verbal and nonverbal behaviors. When our kids are experiencing emotional challenges we see deviation from standard behavior patterns. This gives us clues our kids are feeling distressed and could benefit from seeing a child therapist.

Often I see parents after they have received feedback from teachers, other parents, school counselors or pediatricians about their child. Sometimes parents can be at odds with each other about how to successfully manage that behavior. This can feel upsetting and alienating for the family. Getting everyone on board and communicating effectively is vital, in addition to proven therapeutic techniques for children. Play therapy is a very successful and useful tool in child psychology.

The language of child therapy is often nonverbal. I use actively unstructured play and various games to communicate with children. Empirically found to help kids with social emotional behavioral difficulties, play therapy can be helpful to achieve optimal growth and development.

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