Our ability to regulate our emotions is deeply intertwined with our ability to control our behavior.  These abilities are even more intensely coupled for young children.  Emotion regulation is core to how we, both adults and children, cope with heightened levels of...

Sharing Your Calm

Sometimes life feels like you’re steering a ship through a storm.  Chaos surrounds you, and the sea is threatening to swallow you up.  How can we not only remain calm ourselves in these moments, but share that calmness with our children and families in moments of...

Separation Distress

Separations from other people (and our children) are a part of everyday life. These little separations occur throughout the course of our days: we separate when we use the restroom in privacy, or when we drop our kids off at school (or their friend’s or their...

Sleep Issues

For young children, issues around sleep are not uncommon. For parents, sleep issues can be exhausting (pun intended). While there are not always clear- cut solutions to your child’s sleep issues, there are things that you can do to support your child right now. When...

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