Social Media Amplify Feelings of FoMO

The crystal ball of Snapchat and other apps allows teens to keep tabs on what their friends are doing. And that’s not always a good thing. Read the article, which Amy is quoted in, on The Monthly.

Reunification Therapy

Reunification Therapy is a fairly new court ordered therapeutic intervention which aims to reunite and reconcile a parent with their estranged children. It is so new that most established therapists feel nervous about taking on these cases. There are limited resources...

Social Media’s Impact on Our Health

Social networking sites (SNS) were created following the development of the arpanet, to later become known as the internet. Initially, an SNS was defined as a virtual community that offered its members the ability to network and share media content. Unlike websites...

Body Image

In today’s society our perspective and ideas about the body can be so easily distorted.  We go shopping and see clothes hanging from a hanger and wonder to ourselves “how would that look on me.”  Although this is a very normal phenomenon I wonder about what happens...

Connecting Through Non-Verbal Communication

Aspects of our verbal communications with our children (such as your tone of voice) definitely are important in connecting with your child, but non-verbal communication really take the cake when it comes to helping young children regulate their emotions.  Believe it...

Constance Introduction

About Constance, Op-Ed Contributor & Intern at Amy Kelly, MFT Constance Jaramillo is a graduate candidate in the accelerated Infant Mental Health program at Mills College. She received her BA from Mills College in 2015 with a degree in Psychology. Constance’s...

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