About Constance, Op-Ed Contributor & Intern at Amy Kelly, MFT

Constance Jaramillo is a graduate candidate in the accelerated Infant Mental Health program at Mills College. She received her BA from Mills College in 2015 with a degree in Psychology. Constance’s studies focus on children’s social emotional development within the context of early relationships. Her educational background, coupled with over 10 years of experience working directly with young children and their families have helped build the foundation of her practice. Constance works as an Early Childhood Mental Health consultant for parents and their children (0-5 years old), as a Parent Educator and Project Coordinator with high- risk families, and as a Research Project Manager at the Early Childhood and Family Lab at Mills College where she is producing her thesis research. Constance follows a trauma- informed model of care, and feels passionately about supporting children and their families in a collaborative way with a high respect for clear communication. She honestly feels that, for both children and adults alike, any moment can be a learning opportunity!

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